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Use of Spell Checkers

Oh, weight ... this is not about spell checkers. All of the words in the list below will be approved by you're speil checker. This is about picking the right word during the writing process. A spell checker will not help, unless it has artificial intelligence regarding homophones. And proper use of apostrophes.

Walla! Here they are:

There are thousands more, off course. Here is an extensive list ↗ you might be interested in reading.

So don't loose you're cool! Proofread. Think before you send. None of this should be difficult if you have advanced to at least middle school. Okay, if English is not your primary language, some leeway is allowed; otherwise, you should not make any misteaks with the above words, or there usage.

Why are they called grocers' apostrophes?

     | 100yds AHEAD |
     |   TOMATO'S   |
     |    CUKE'S    |
     |    BEET'S    |
           | |
           | |

Lately, the ubiquitous grocer's' apostrophe seems to have taken on a new name. This may be due to the continued growth of the "supermarket" as real grocers disappear. The modern term seems to be: feral apostrophe! Alas, soon we may have to depend on the roadside signs to find apostrophes from grocers'. (Or not.)

Grocer's Apostrophes
(Image courtesy of this blog) ↗

A mind is a terrible thing to waist.

  1. Recently, I read an article on the MacWorld web site. The author wrote, "I penned a little reaction peace entitled iDisappointed, expressing my dismay at the lack of Mac hardware updates." And World Piece to you as well.
  2. A wether is a male sheep, especially a castrated one; not "it is raining."

Yes, there is humor involved on this page. Smiley

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