David Brooks, Internet Stalker

23 June 2015: An Internet Stalker named David Brooks of Devon, England has challenged me to post this picture of him. The why comes from a Usenet post ( M-ID: <mmcbja$ubo$1@dont-email.me> )
> That's me...  Do you want yours and Trish's picture on the front page?
> With a large "STALKER" banner?

[David Brooks]
I doubt you have the skill to do that. Prove me wrong, Shagnasty.

Do it *NOW*!

So, suitably instructed, I complied.

(Be sure to read the content below the picture.)

Stalker David Brooks
— Photo by a visitor, published in a forum

Please note:   every fact shown on this page has been personally eye-witnessed by me; nothing here is an 'unsupported accusation.' It is all true. The stalker label comes from Brooks's constant decade-long probing of this web site and its hosting company, and his list of nyms comes from both Usenet groups and many web forums.

Well, here you have it. This man, David Brooks of Devon, England, is one of the most despicable persons I have ever run into on the Interwebs. Google up 'BoaterDave', 'BoaterDaveTJ', '~BD~', 'BD1', 'BD2', 'Beady', 'Imbeady2', 'David B', 'David B.', 'DavidB', 'David_B', 'David DewGud', 'DavidDewgud ', 'BDonTJ', 'davidontj@gmail.com', 'LovelyLady', 'CommanderB', 'Commander_B', 'Angela Bennett', 'Byker', 'bufordTjustice', 'DonOldham', 'Tony Smith', 'MP.TonySmith', 'Tinkerer', 'Davoud1945', 'Brawdy14', 'HunterBD', 'HunterDB', 'Hunter88', 'Steve Carroll', 'I.Mackie', 'GA11', 'Marley', 'SaabOwner', 'Owner', 'C.A.Strate', 'Derek Feldman', 'A. Student', 'David in Devon', 'Dudley Brooks', 'Mrs Parrot', 'David G. Brooks', 'Russell Newbery', 'David B 1466', 'DGB', 'David', 'Anonymous', 'Christine Grist', 'Big Brother', 'PSA', 'davidbrooks_5408', 'Sir Topham Hatt', 'Jack', 'Jon Botting', 'Jonathanbotting', 'John <Doh>', 'Sidney Carton', 'Mr On!on', 'BD', 'Strgzr', 'rsoul' forgery, 'David_B@reinstall.T'bird', 'JetProvost' {in Mac forum}, 'asinrutee', 'Jon', 'David Brooks', 'DigbyDB', 'John Doe', 'P C Butts', 'Alli Cat', 'David.Brooks', '111MS' , 'Tinkerer2', 'Dbd', 'David', 'Don Kwicksote', 'PitometerLog', 'Dave', 'BDBHeather', 'David B. Linux', 'John Smith', 'Joe', 'John McClane', 'CommanderB1' , '%', 'David (Devon)', 'VeryNiceMan' , 'davi...@gmail.com', 'David (BD)', 'Shadow', 'slpmap', 'Jonb', 'Jonbo', 'Tester', 'David Usenapp', 'Anymouse', 'Ruby & Marley', 'Bojon' [<—99 nyms] , and dozens of other pseudonyms. Most of his 'Microsoft Answers' forum posts read 'From A. User' because they cancel his accounts as they find them. He just recently used my domain name as a nym: ( M-ID: <qpk0y.27592$ts4.1388@fx28.fr7> )

He stalks innocent good people, Microsoft MVPs, web forum owners where he has been banned (most of them), posts pictures of your dead relatives and/or their obituaries years after the fact, insults people with cancer, and lots more. He's been doing it since about 2006, under the guise of hunting 'bad guys.' So far he hasn't caught a single one. He even supports a known 'bad guy.'

On 17 November 2015, a person named Nil responded to David Brooks in a Windows newsgroup where he stalks:   "You're a well-known net kook and stalker. Your fake cutesy nicey-nice facade is completely ineffective at disguising your obvious and true malignancy. You earn every rudeness you get. ... He recognizes you as the toxic cancer you are."
( M-ID: <XnsA555A7B14D8D9nilch1@wheedledeedle.moc> );

On 24 July 2019, David Brooks issues a stalking threat:
"I'm quite good at sussing out nasty folk like you. If that page is still there after the boating season, I’ll think up some ways to make YOUR life a misery, just as you have tried to intimidate me."
( M-ID: <868024586.585659219.076873.BD-nomail.afraid.org@news.eternal-september.org> )
On 3 August 2019, you received this very important reply: ( MID: <qi4s87$q5r$1@dont-email.me> )

If you should ever encounter David Brooks, DO NOT give him any personal information. He is an incorrigible stalker and world's greatest pest.