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How many lines of code are in Vista?

This page was created just for fun.

Some people actually like Microsoft Vista. I would venture that most of them have brand new computers with three or four gigabytes of ram. It is okay with me if you really like it.

I found the following information in a weekly technical bulletin I subscribe to, from TechRepublic. You may find this particular quote interesting as well.

Vista has over 50 million lines of code. XP had 35 million when it was released, and since then it has grown to about 40 million. This software bloat has had the effect of slowing down Windows Vista, especially when it’s running on anything but the latest and fastest hardware. Even then, the latest version of Windows XP soundly outperforms the latest version of Microsoft Vista. No one wants to use a new computer that is slower than their old one.

— Jason Hiner, 6 October 2008
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As far as I can tell, those 50 million lines are for a basic installation with no productive software included. Since there are so many versions of Linux, it is difficult to count lines of code, but the best guess I can make is there are somewhere around six million lines in the kernel, and probably an equal number in the standard offerings for a GUI desktop.

There are also some 121 million lines of code in the 25,000 free applications included in a standard Linux repository. [smiley here]

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